Secure Cross-Border Payments

Real Time Money Transfer and Bill Pay


What will GoMama do for you?

GoMama's mission is to make life easier for the unbanked and underbanked population sending money from the U.S. to their family and friends in Latin America and the Caribbean. When GoMama’s mobile app is launched, users will be able to easily and inexpensively make cross-border money transfers, pay bills, and recharge mobile phones.

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GoMama will provide three key remittance options:


Send money directly to family and friends on the GoMama network via your device, or 40,000 point-of-sale locations in the U.S.


Pay utility bills directly including electric, gas, cable, tuition, mortgages, bank loans, gas cards, and many more.

Phone Plan

Add calling credit to family and friends' phone plans through your GoMama account.

GoMama will keep you in control

Find comfort knowing your funds are always transferred to the right hands. 

Low Cost

Discounted fees and exchange rates that are transparent during checkout.


Completely provide for your family and friends from anywhere using the simple and easy GoMama mobile application.


Get money to your family or pay any bill in a matter of minutes. 

Bill Pay Options

Complete "one stop shop" for all of bills, includes all the necessities such as telecommunications, electricity, gas, water, medical, insurance, government fees, banking services, cable, mortgage, tuition, etc. Also includes unconventional bills such as airfare, concrete delivery, gas gift cards, supermarket gift cards, sewage, business credit cards, etc.

Safe and Secure

GoMama is licensed by government regulators to protect our customers and ensure that their money will be guarded throughout the transfer process.  

Users add funds through their credit or debit account or by bringing cash to a money deposit location.

Users connect with friends and family on the GoMama network and choose multiple payment options to make from direct transfer to bill pay.

Users send funds, pay bills, top up mobile plans, and more through GoMama while saving money and increasing speed through GoMama's effortless  process. 

GoMama available soon for iOS & Android

GoMama's mobile platform will allow users to quickly transfer and receive funds to family, friends, and providers around the world.

GoMama payment network covers everything you need — from water and electricity to internet and even tuition payments.



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